10 facts about hypertension

Blood pressure is the pressure experienced by blood in the arteries when the heart is working to pump blood throughout the body. While high blood pressure refers to the pressure that is in the arteries higher than it should, this is then called hypertension

10 facts about hypertension

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Here are 10 facts about hypertension that you should know
  1. When the blood pressure is above 140 mmHg, a person is worth mentioning suffering from hypertension at two measurements at different times. Remember, measuring blood pressure once is not enough to make the diagnosis of hypertension. That is why when your blood pressure is high for the first time, usually the doctor has not given medicines to you
  2. Many say that the cause of hypertension is genetic or decreased from the parents. However, the most common causes of hypertension are a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity.
  3. Symptoms of headaches are only experienced by about half of people with hypertension. The rest, sufferers do not experience any symptoms! So if you have hypertension and you don't have a headache and feel healthy, it doesn't mean that your blood pressure is also normal. Regular blood pressure control even though there are no symptoms is the key to success in maintaining blood pressure stability.
  4. Of the many people with hypertension, less than half consume high blood pressure medication. Rest? have never taken high blood pressure medication or even did not know that he was hypertensive.
  5. Less than half of patients who take high blood pressure medication are well-controlled blood pressure.
  6. Doing exercise for 30-45 minutes every day can reduce blood pressure by 8-13 points
  7. Only one in four people with hypertension really know how to take the right medicine.
  8. Target blood pressure that must be achieved by people with hypertension is pressure below 140/90 mmHg. If the patient also has diabetes or kidney failure, the target blood pressure that must be achieved is 130/80 mmHg.
  9. Lowering blood pressure without taking drugs? certainly can. Research has shown that: limiting salt consumption can reduce blood pressure by 2.5-4.8 mmHg points.
  10. Routine consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, and reduce consumption of fatty foods for at least 8 weeks can reduce blood pressure by 5.5-11.4 points

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