Factors that Influence Blood Pressure Measurement

The results of blood pressure measurements may not be the same during the day and night. The lowest blood pressure is during sleep. someone might experience what is termed a morning surge

Doctors have predicted this condition in recent years, although the official research itself was only conducted in 2003. The study aims to determine whether morning surge is a major risk leading to the development of strokes in elderly hypertensive patients.

The results of previous studies prove that napping can increase the risk of morning surge in elderly patients. Terrible. it turns out a nap can be so dangerous to someone's health!

Morning surge is defined as the difference in systolic blood pressure during the first 2 hours after waking up minus the lowest systolic blood pressure in a day or, ideally, during sleep. The wider the difference in blood pressure in both conditions, the higher the risk of stroke. In a 2003 study, people who were at the highest risk had large differences ranging from 55 mmHg.

It should be remembered that the risk of stroke increases in elderly hypertensive sufferers who are chronic, not in people with an increase in normal or minimal blood. Therefore, elderly hypertensive patients need to be aware of this risk and need to continue to monitor their blood pressure to determine whether they are having a morning surge. Even the weather can affect blood pressure. On a sunny afternoon, blood pressure in summer tends to be lower than blood pressure in winter.

Factors that Influence Blood Pressure Measurement

And although it has nothing to do with age, the blood pressure of elderly hypertension sufferers is higher at night when the air is hot. Typically, they receive anti-hypertensive drugs to control their blood pressure. Although blood pressure measurement results may be lower on hot summer days, the dosage of the drug does not need to be lowered.

Use of Digital Measuring Devices

  • Sit at a table or chair.
  • Place the cuff around the arm as instructed.
  • Try to relax the mind for a few minutes before pumping the cuff.
  • Footprints on the surface of the floor. Try not to lift your legs, because motion will decrease accuracy. The position of the arms and cuffs must be level with the heart.
  • Press the "start" button and record your blood pressure.
  • Some machines are also able to measure heart rate. Wait a few minutes, then do the procedure again. The results of the first measurement may be high.

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