Coffee, Tea. Cola, and Your Heart

How do you start your day? Most people start the day with a cup of coffee or tea. Your choice might affect heart health, especially blood pressure.

In 2005, Harvard researchers conducted long-term research to find out the different effects of coffee and cola consumption on hypertension.

The habit of drinking coffee does not cause a decrease in blood pressure, but cola can increase blood pressure. From the research data, I found that the risk of hypertension in women with the highest levels of caffeine consumption, either from coffee or cola consumption, is not higher than women with the lowest caffeine consumption. Why does Cola increase the risk of hypertension? We expect research on this to be done in the future.

Apparently, coffee drinkers feel more relaxed and enjoy their drinks in an unexaggerated amount. Instead, you might want to limit your cola drink, or stop at all, and replace it with another type of sparkling drink.

Researchers from Switzerland proved the opposite of the statement. According to them, two cups of caffeinated coffee can lower blood flow to the heart during exercise, especially the exercise that is sufficiently draining. For easy, we should only drink a cup of coffee before exercising, and avoid it at all when you want to climb or explore the mountainous area.

Thus the influence of coffee to blood pressure. Now. How does it relate to cholesterol? Reports on this matter are diverse, and many consumers are confused.

True that coffee can increase the levels of harmful LDL cholesterol, but only if it is made in French or Scandinavian style. Making coffee with a French coffee machine or inserting coffee powder into boiling water, it seems, releasing a chemical compound called an in-charge is fully responsible for raising LDL levels.

Brew coffee, without squeezing the coffees or Using hot water, does not adversely affect cholesterol. Decaf drinkers are not fully Free of risk. When you choose Robusta Coffee And not arabica,  cholesterol levels in the drinkers. Decaf coffee will rise. Robusta coffee beans, which are not as expensive as Arabica type, are often used in DEKAF because Aromanva is stronger after the process of dexafeinization.

It's better to spend a little more money to buy Arabica coffee if you want a DEKAF product.
If you prefer tea, smile your tea later. Or maybe you will replace your coffee with tea after reading this. Although the coffee is harmless, the tea provides greater benefits for your cardiovascular health. The results of more than a decade of research have stated that tea drinkers are almost completely spared from heart disease.

Chinese researchers in Taiwan managed to identify these benefits. They examine the long term effect of drinking tea against the development of hypertension and found that the higher the consumption of tea, the lower the risk of hypertension.

In conclusion, more, much better. However, after 10 years, no increase in benefits. In other words, the benefits. The tea will still be felt, but not increased. These benefits are limited to real tea, not herbal types. It does not matter whether the tea is regular or decaf, the tea consumption is
Regular. Tea contains theobromine, a caffeine-cousin chemical compound. Excessive drinking of tea can cause nerve disorders as Coffee. Consume in moderate portions

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