Examination of Blood Pressure in Patients With Hypertension

Blood pressure checks

Abnormal blood pressure tests indicate the need for further tests, if not, changes in blood pressure (blood pressure or IBP) are not the only evidence until further investigation is carried out, especially in young and healthy people.

Examination of Blood Pressure in Patients With Hypertension

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The effect of the patient's sitting position on the reading of the measurement results

The patient's position can significantly influence blood pressure results for many abnormal blood pressure observations that occur due to technical errors. If the sphygmomanometer wrist cuff is installed too tightly, the blood pressure reading will increase and vice versa if the installation is too loose, the blood pressure reading will decrease.

Blood pressure examination in patients is the result of cardiac contraction activity, heart rate, circulation volume, and peripheral vascular pressure. Under normal circumstances, the heart rate increases dramatically to maintain heart contractions that produce blood. In a state of hypovolemia, systolic blood pressure decreases, whereas diastolic is the same, lower down, or even increased during vasoconstriction of blood vessels can be done to compensate for the loss of blood volume.

An orthostatic vital marker is to check your blood pressure and pulse in three different positions, i.e lying down, sitting or standing. The state of two orthostatic vital markers, which are blood pressure and pulse in two or three positions lying, sitting, or standing.

Orthostatic vital markers can be found in patients with a history of syncope or suspected reduction in blood volume. When examining patients with orthostatic hypotension, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate as three interrelated variables need to be considered. Based on these three parameters, only an increase in rate higher than 30 x / min or dizziness is directly related to a decrease in blood volume.

It should be noted also the types of drugs consumed by patients and some health conditions that can cause orthostatic hypotension.

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